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Water Buffalo: Characteristics, Diet, Facts & More Fact Sheet

The herds are also divided in accordance with the gender in some subspecies. The calves tend to be with the maternal herd until the age of three years, after which they join the male herd. The number of buffaloes in a herd can go up to 1000 in some cases. The male buffalo can grow in height to about 55 inches whereas the females grow tend to max out around 50 inches.

As their name suggests, water buffalo are quite fond of water, and like to submerge themselves whenever possible. These large animals are somewhat cow-like in appearance, with stout bodies and thick horns. Their horns extend outwards from their heads, and then point back towards their shoulders. These large mammals vary in color, some are black, others slate gray, and some rare specimens are albino. The skin of the buffalo is used to make garments, especially to keep people warm during harsh winters. The farmers used them to plough their fields; they also have been shown as a means of transportation in the old days.

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This behavior, known as “wallowing,” is displayed across a wide variety of animals including pigs, elephants, water buffalo, and many more. The Artiodactyla – also known as the “Even-Toed Ungulates” – includes all sorts of species with hooves from cattle to pigs to llamas. Members of the herd spend most of their time eating, resting, Check this for Stomachs of carnivores and wallowing in the water or mud. Mudholes protect the buffalos’ skin from sunburn and biting insects, while also keeping them cool. These large mammals also live in South America, Australia, some areas of North America, and more. Most populations are agricultural herds, but some areas are invasive or escaped animals.

This natural adaptation for muddy footing is one of the reasons they are still used today to plow rice fields in remote parts of India and South-East Asia. Buffaloes, like the other land mammals, are said to have a social nature. They are always found in large herds and move from one place to another in their groups. All the body parts of a buffalo can be put to some use or the other. Buffalo milk is said to be richer in proteins and fat, in comparison to cattle milk.

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